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Supporting active transportation and healthy lifestyles in Kern County!

We help residents get to work and school, live healthier lives, and advocate for complete streets in their neighborhoods.

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We are a nonprofit, 501c(3), membership organization working to promote active transportation through education, advocacy, outreach, and access to equipment. We believe that walking and bicycling transform our communities by reinventing transportation and offering solutions to the universal challenges of health, livability, and the environment.

Since 2005, we have grown from a group of activists sitting around an office cooler to an organization with over 100 members, a staff of four, and hundreds of community supporters from local businesses, large employers, and community-based organizations.

Bike Bakersfield's work is powered by our staff, board members, members and volunteers. Members provide steady financial support and act as the Bike Bakersfield's eyes and ears in the community, helping to monitor advocacy needs and road conditions. Volunteers are involved in every aspect of the organization, from working in the shop, providing office help, coordinating events and rides, to testifying at public hearings on behalf of the active transportation community. Many of our adult and high school volunteers report being able to get to school and retain a job after completing our Earn-A-Bike programs specifically because their bike is more reliable and cost-effective than traditional modes of transportation.

We provide opportunities to ride in order to create a strong sense of community among people who ride, walk, or take public transit as a primary mode of transportation, Our programs provide residents the tools, confidence, and knowledge they need to be safe and accepted on the road through Smart Cycling (League of American Bicyclists), repair workshops, and hands-on learning in our volunteer Earn-A-Bike programs at two bike kitchens in Downtown Bakersfield and Arvin. We teach young people and adults alike bicycle and pedestrian skills with a focus on safety and predictability.